IPTV in Canada – Whats next Eh?

iptv canada subscription

You just read that title wrong, no Im just kidding you read it correctly. That’s right, IPTV is coming to Canada and its going to knock the socks off of Bell and Rogers, and all those other crappy channels out there. Believe me when I tell you this is much needed among the Canadian people.

Canadians in general have been paying more for entertainment then anyone in the world. I think that just plain crazy. If your living in Canada you know all about this. Cell phone bills there are through the roof, and when you think you are getting a good deal, your not really. The deal is just covered up with some fine paperwork to make appear has if it was something that you just cant pass up. IPTV Canada is something you wont be able to pass up.

I personally have been on the receiving block more then once, astounded with the blown out of proportion cable bills and cell phone bills. Well for now, we are still going to have to pay those crazy bills, but the one that we can let go is that horrible cable bill.

iptv subscription canada

I don’t know what you pay, but in Canada, you can expect to pay upwards of 200 dollars per month for a premium cable package. And believe me, you will need the premium cable package, because the way the plan everything out, if you don’t get the premium then your wasting your money. Dont expect to get AMC or NBC for 50 buck a month there.

Sorry I got a little off topic there, but lets get back to IPTV. Right now there are some premium iptv companies hitting the market in Canada. And I think its about time. You can expect to only pay around 20 buck per month for 1400 premium channels. Say what? Yeah you heard that right. So what are you waiting for? Check out a couple of the services on the website I linked to above. You certainly be happy you did.

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