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If you are looking for extreme IPTV speeds then look no further. We have found one of the best IPTV companies that Canada offers right now. If you are any bit like me, I have search all over the internet and tested a pile of IPTV services. Some were good while others were bad. But the worst thing about it is, none of them were extremely good. The most extreme thing they were good at was taking my money. Super fast at that by the way.

So how did I come to learn about this awesome service. Well if you know me, I was pretty pissed off with my current service and was on the hunt to try and find something better. After many days of trying multiple compannies, I came across this blog post about IPTV Express services.

So I read the initial blog post, then dug into another great post. In the end my curiosity hit me in the face and I had to buy a subscription. Now believe me, at this point I was full of doubt and I was looking for the one thing to go wrong so I could complain. However that didn’t happen. Read on!

First off I was met by this guy named Jeff. He seemed really good at the technical side of things and had my account setup really fast. Not like the previous service where I waited almost a week for activation. Anyway, I had some trouble inserting the portal URL inside of STB emulator. If you do not know what that means, its an APP used to stream IPTV. I think its one of the better ones, as it emulates a cable box.

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So I got a hold of Jeff, and told him my situation. He responded within a few minutes and started directing me toward the right menus I should be choosing. You would think that I would already know this stuff after testing some many IPTV services. But this STB was a little different then the other programs I was used to.

Anyway, Long story made short. He got me fixed up in less then 5 minutes and I service was already going. When it comes to the service, it was fantastic. One of the best services I had ever got, here in Canada. Im not sure what it is about our Country but stuff like this always brings out the scammers. But I cant say the same about this Company. These guys are the real deal and provide a very high quality service for the fellow Canadians. And you know what the best part about this was, I PAID in Canadian Dollars! How awesome is that right?

So if you are looking for an IPTV Subsription, check the post out above that I mentioned. Its a really good read and it will direct you to the right guys to be buying IPTV in Canada from. Thats it for me today. Hope you enjoyed this post, until next time.


Doris Clark


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