Exodus Addon for Kodi 18 Leia? Good or Bad?

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Is the Exodus Addon really good?

Hi Everyone, thats the biggest question that I had when it came to if the exodus addon for kodi was good. I know in the past we had used it countless times, and it had always pulled through with that great movie, Tv show, or Sports show. But is it really back in action and ready to WOW us again?

I recently installed exodus on kodi and it seems to be up and in working order. I was very skeptical at first as I was not sure if this was really going to pull through for me or not. You know how it is, sometimes you read the blog post and in the end its just a crappy tutorial that gets you nowhere. Well, not with this blog post. I went down though it with ease, and even watched the youtube walkthrough while I done the installation with the screenshots.

Where Did I Learn to Installed Exodus Addon?

Believe me when I tell you, I looked everywhere to find a decent Tutorial on how to install exodus on kodi. Surprisingly I had to go through a lot of websites to find a decent tutorial and the screenshots. I ended up on a website called BestBox or BestAndroidTvbox.com. The actually post that I used for learning how to install exodus addon is here. You will love this site, as with some of there Tutorials, they do youtube videos as well. This certainly helps with the installation as you can watch the video and go through with the screenshots. Top notch site for learning how to install kodi builds.

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After it Exodus was Installed?

After I had went through the process and everything was installed properly. I opened up the Exodus addon to see if I was going to get anything. I know I done this before and when opening the kodi addon up, it just gave me blank URLs with nothing in them. This time opened the the addon up and everything seems legit.

So I started loaded movies, Tv shows, whatever I could think of at the time. And to my surprise, it all worked. I can honestly say, that they have the Exodus Addon back up and running, and it is working flawlessly.


Exodus is up and running and it is working fine. Feel free to check the website above for the tutorial on how to install this great Kodi Addon.


BestBox – BestAndroirdTvbox.com

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